Just talking - 2013-12-21-15-06

My, oh, my.  I’ve had mango juice, I’ve had apple juice. 

I liked the mango juice and it was always my drink of choice.  None of that carbonated stuff for me…..

Then I drank apple juice, and it was flat…..  Then I tried another carbonated version of the apple juice, and I was glad….

Some more juice please…..

I tried a drink from the Coca plant and the Cola nut, and it was quite good too …. 

I’ve always loved orange juices too, especially the carbonated version of it, and also the real orange stuff, not the cooked version, where it goes dull….

Tomato juice, fresh with sugar, is good too.  Once I was on a flight (one of my early flights), and I was asked, “Do you want tomato juice or …..?”  And I was thrilled, thinking of my mother’s tomato juice.  And I choose the tomato juice.  And they brought it to me.  It tasted like ketchup-with-water or soup ….  Ya, just call it soup.  I love tomato soup….

Don’t know about the preservatives, though.  Or the sugar.  This is where we remove the sugar bowl and substitute it with the salt bowl.  Then when the cat scoops out sugar and puts it in the drink, it’s actually salt….  Many salts, actually – Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride (soak this in water for a while to get rid of the smell….) and maybe some more …. Rock salt, sea salt, (what’s that name of the lakes where everything flows in and nothing flows out …. – yes, it’s an endorheic basin – like the Dead Sea or well, so many others) – good source of salts that we could really do with to re-hydrate our de-hydrated state….

But don’t put too much Magnesium Sulphate, because a person could get real sleepy – it’s good as a good-night drink though….  “Keeps me regular” is what I’ve heard.  I’d say, um, “Keeps me um, fluid….”…!

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