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We need purity in this age….  Pure goodness, pure badness, pure light, pure dark…..  Pure hot, pure cold.   But most things are a mix….

It depends on the resolution with which you look at things.  At the micro-resolution, everything is separate – an atom with it’s protons and it’s electrons, and now we find there are photons too…..

There are cells in plants that look so perfect at a microscopic level, but zoom out to the plant, and it might not look so perfect, because the sun might alight on one side of the plant, or on another, and so that grows better….

But rest assured that the plant is responding perfectly to the solar stimuli and other factors around it. 

Then zoom out a little more and the plants become a garden.  Theoretically, all the plants of a certain species should be together, so that when the bees arrive to feed on the flowers and get dusted with pollen in turn, the next flower they visit to feed on should be of the same species, otherwise the pollen might fall on an incompatible flower, and that is a waste of pollen.  Might as well optimize the work of the bees.  They’re anyway carrying all that pollen on their backs.  The least we could do is to keep the same-species plants together so that there is a fruit of their labour…..  Of course, the bees don’t think of it as labour.  As far as they are concerned, they’re having a good time drinking nectar….  They don’t even notice the pollen dust that falls on their back.  And when they go to slake their thirst at the next flower, the pollen dust falls off, without them knowing why or how….   As far as they’re concerned, they’re just having a ball……

Then zoom out some more and the forest becomes patches of green amidst patches of blue or green sea…..

Zoom out some more and the whole thing becomes a globe…..

Hello world!

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