Just talking - 2013-12-24-20-19

Let the #games begin…

Every time there is a #dispute about anything, concerned people should get together 1-1 and discuss.  If that works, fine.

If that doesn’t work, call a #meeting.  If that works, fine.

If that doesn’t work, organize #tournaments – #sports, #chess, #badminton, #tennis, #squash – whatever the concerned people are interested in.

Let everyone gather.  The sports-people play.  The chess people play.  The badminton people play.  The tennis people play.  The squash people play.  And whatever is possible plays….

Have lots of games for each type of people.  #Bingo, #Housie, #Lotto, #Monopoly, #cards….

Let people engage with each other, and talk it over….

Lots of #good food too, when something is done….

Let’s #celebrate….Because we have something to #talk about and discuss….

Let us use every #opportunity …  whether the opportunity appears to be love or war…..


Just talking - 2013-12-22-07-49

Apparently, in the Twenty20, the starting line-up is with 4 groups of 3 teams each, which play round-robin.  One team is eliminated from each group, which leaves 2 teams per group.

Extrapolating, the next round should see all 8 in one group, and then draws made as to which team faces which.

So each team plays one match, on an elimination basis.

So 4 teams are left.

Draws again, and there are two matches.

A winner from each faces-off with the other.

And we have a winner, and the winner is ………….!!!!!


Just talking - 2013-12-21-15-22

Everyone’s having meeting now-a-days.  My sister, I’ve been told, is having meetings, and my father, I’ve been told, is having meetings.  I met with my mother…..

What are they talking about…? Everyone has their own agenda.  Things happen when people meet.  When a person is alone, there is one and God.  “When two or three gather in My name, there I am in the midst of them.” (Attributed to Jesus Christ).  Extrapolating, when two or three in the name of something, that is present…. No, that’s not right, or is it….?  Maybe it’s called by some name, but actually that is just the letters-of-the-alphabet to describe what they are really gathering in the name of. 

“Be it unto you as you believe” (Attributed to Jesus Christ)….

Ah, what a thing is faith…..!

What is faith?  Jesus said this story.  One day, He was going around, healing people, and then a centurion sent servants to Him, saying, “Lord, my servant is at home, dreadfully tormented.  I did not presume to come to you.  I too am, a man of authority, with people under me.  I say to one, “Come, and he comes”, and I say to one, “Go, and he goes”.         So, just say the word, and  my servant will be healed.”.
And Jesus marveled, and said, “I have not found such great faith, no, not even in Israel”.  So what was the faith part…?  The ability to see things of the Kingdom of God in terms of what was visible on earth.  After all, (as Jesus said) “The Kingdom of God is within you”.  So when you let out whatever is in you, that’s the Kingdom of God being expressed from within you into the earth, and that is a piece of heaven on earth.  (“The Kingdom of God” is used interchangeably with “The Kingdom of Heaven”).

And there is another story – There was a woman whose daughter was possessed and she wanted that out, and she was not an Israelite, but nonetheless, came to Jesus and asked for His help.  For some time Jesus did not answer her.  But she persisted.  And finally He said, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs”.  And she said, “But Lord, even the little dogs eat what falls from the table.”              And Jesus said, “Great is your faith, let it be to you as you desire”.  And her daughter was cured from that very hour…..             So what was the faith part ….?  Seeing things in terms of what was visible on earth.

Did ya get the picture…? No, well that’s better….  The less you know, the more freedom you have….. 

Maybe you shouldn’t have read this either….

Or maybe you should have….

Ah, the beauty of choice…..

Just talking - 2013-12-21-15-06

My, oh, my.  I’ve had mango juice, I’ve had apple juice. 

I liked the mango juice and it was always my drink of choice.  None of that carbonated stuff for me…..

Then I drank apple juice, and it was flat…..  Then I tried another carbonated version of the apple juice, and I was glad….

Some more juice please…..

I tried a drink from the Coca plant and the Cola nut, and it was quite good too …. 

I’ve always loved orange juices too, especially the carbonated version of it, and also the real orange stuff, not the cooked version, where it goes dull….

Tomato juice, fresh with sugar, is good too.  Once I was on a flight (one of my early flights), and I was asked, “Do you want tomato juice or …..?”  And I was thrilled, thinking of my mother’s tomato juice.  And I choose the tomato juice.  And they brought it to me.  It tasted like ketchup-with-water or soup ….  Ya, just call it soup.  I love tomato soup….

Don’t know about the preservatives, though.  Or the sugar.  This is where we remove the sugar bowl and substitute it with the salt bowl.  Then when the cat scoops out sugar and puts it in the drink, it’s actually salt….  Many salts, actually – Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride (soak this in water for a while to get rid of the smell….) and maybe some more …. Rock salt, sea salt, (what’s that name of the lakes where everything flows in and nothing flows out …. – yes, it’s an endorheic basin – like the Dead Sea or well, so many others) – good source of salts that we could really do with to re-hydrate our de-hydrated state….

But don’t put too much Magnesium Sulphate, because a person could get real sleepy – it’s good as a good-night drink though….  “Keeps me regular” is what I’ve heard.  I’d say, um, “Keeps me um, fluid….”…!

Just talking - 2013-12-21-13-36

Once upon a time I learnt knitting.  And I knitted and knitted till I could see it in my sleep.  The needles went in and out and the wool went all around.  Loop it over and pull it through.  A stitch was made and then it was time for the next.

I knitted a row, and then turned it around.  I knitted the next row, and then turned it around again.  And I kept going on and on, depending on my mood.

One day, I just knitted.  And I knitted and knitted a woolen scarf.  And it kept going on and on.  Really long.   And I knitted into it so much.  All of it looked blue, because that was the colour of the wool. 

It grew so long, that I rolled it into a ball.  Now what was I to do with it?  I carried it around.  We went visiting my grandmother and while we were there, my mother fell down and hurt her knee.  I thought I could wrap it up with my scarf, but it was not suited to that.

After some days it was time to come back, and we did, but the scarf got left behind…