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Arranged marriages -

My viewpoint - The husband, at least in the past, but now with everything upside down, might be the wife, is the one who does something, that the wife is supposed to help with.

The assumption being that the wife is qualified to actually help.

Once upon a time, everyone stayed at home and worked the fields.  It didn't matter what the husband knew, or the wife, or maybe it did.

Anyway the point is, after some time, men started working outside the house, and women stayed at home.  So all the women did housework, and there wasn't much to choose from.  But of course there are other factors....

Anyway, anyway, times moved on, and women started following men to the workplace, to try and help them there.  Thus there are women who are qualified in many fields.  It behoves the man to choose someone who can help him whereever he is.

It really does not make sense to spend 8 hours of each day working side by side with someone and then returning to a house all tired out and then meet someone else.  Oh dear.  What a shock.  That is probably a form of prostitution........   Oops.  Did I actually say that word?  No, I just typed it......  No, it's not that.  The word I was looking for was concubine.  Besides, why not just legalise everything (if they wish it to be legal), then there's no stigma attached to anything, and everyone is free to feel good about whatever they do do....

A better way would be, since anyway marriages are arranged when the boy is above a certain age, and the girl above a certain age, by the families, without them actually meeting, greeting or even conversing, it would be much better if the families choose boy and girl matches before careers are set.  Then the family aspects can be examined, a match made, and the boy and girl can train in their joint path till they reach a marriage-able age, and then they can get married......

Just a thought.......

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