Just talking - 2013-12-17-03-30

Once upon a time, a person made an ecosystem.  Then made some robots to function within it.  Then had a lot of fun improving each one more and more.  Finally, happy with what had been made, a caretaker was made, with the characteristics of the creator, so that the Caretaker would be able to handle what had been made…

So the Creator brought the robots to the Caretaker, and the Caretaker named each of them.  And they went away.  The Caretaker was left alone once that job was done, and had some time to while away before working again….

The Creator took pity on the Caretaker and made another similar Caretaker to keep company.  So now Caretaker 1 had someone to talk to and have fellowship with…..  So for a while the Caretaker was happy…..

And the Creator smiled, and finally got some rest…..

Then Caretakers took care of all that had been made, and that was a day…..

Then they smiled and they played too……

And then they rested too...

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