Just talking - 2012-12-14-21-19

I've bin to the beach.  The waves kept rolling in.  I sat for a while on the sand, then I ventured a little closer.  i got my feet wet, then I sat in the sea.  It grew dark, and then I, um, pissed in the sea, which was no big deal since there was the whole wide sea, and just a bit of uh, my piss, let's just call it what it is.....  Then I got up and walked back out of the sea.

My point is, it would be nice if there were swimming pools set on the beach.  With a long trench from the sea to the pool on one end, and another long trench from the swimming pool back to the sea, and then the water could keep circulating, so even though people piss in the swimming pool, it wouldn't be much of a deal since the water keeps circulating for free, of course, with the cost of a pump to pump the water into the sea, and then water will just flow in from the sea to take it's place, if the pool is at a slightly lower elevation than the trench.

Pool maintenance would be simpler since the water just keeps circulating.  Okay, that's my contribution.  The stuff about cleaning the tiles, and netting leaves, well, that still probably needs to be done.

But there is a feel of the ocean, with the salty water, and the freedom to swim, and the feeling of safety, without worrying about undercurrents for a beginner swimmer.

In fact, mortality in the sea would probably go down, since most people might wade and swim in the beach-swimming-pool, without actually venturing out into the sea while still inexperienced.  The experienced ones, of course do need that challenge, which is why we still allow them to go to the sea, ride the waves and expend some energy doing that instead of um, useless stuff......

So there's something at the beach for everyone - a wading pool for children and beginners, a beach-swimming-pool for children and everyone, a diving pool for those who want to dive, and cleaner water in the pool, simpler hygiene, lower cost of maintenance, a fresher feeling, no chlorine so the hair stays safe (chlorine is needed for PVC sheets for the inner tubing of tyres).........

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