Just talking - 2013-12-17-04-21

Just talking …. What shall I say….?  No clue whatsoever…..  Looked and read, but nothing rang a bell….

Any questions from the audience…?  Yes, what do I think of what..?  Well, it’s okay.  Everyone should try anything they are remotely interested in.  Chances are that once they try it, they’ll find out they don’t like it.  Then they’re free once again, to look and find and see something they do like…


Yes, it is absolutely important to eat what we like.  Sometimes we want to sleep, so eat what makes us sleepy.  Sometimes we want to feel sluggish, so we eat that.  Sometimes we feel naughty, so we eat something we know we shouldn’t, then we find out why we weren’t supposed to eat it, and then the next time we feel naughty, we won’t eat that thing again, and try something else…  No point in missing the thrill of a day for the thrill of a moment.  Or maybe it was a good idea after all – one got to get a bigger challenge, and that raised one up out of the boredom that one was beginning to feel.  Oh yes, always follow your dream…..

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