Just talking - 2013-12-17-13-10

So there I was, I had gone for a walk, played tennis, went to the gym, and I needed a drink to slake my thirst.  I walked into a shop and shopped around, and collected a lot of stuff…..

I came back home, and played a bit, I fell asleep and then I woke up.  I reached for the drink, and drank it quick.  But it seemed to be okay.  I reached for the next drink, and tried to drink that, though I knew from the previous experience of that drink that my head would throb.  But I never could resist mango juice.  So I drank it deep, and sure enough after some time I felt a little ….  Hey, it’s effect wasn’t that deep….  So I was satisfied for a while. 

But I still needed something hot after all that outing, so I heated some water, and chopped some coriander leaves, and sprinkled that in.  It brewed it a few seconds, as I added some crystal-salt (Sodium Chloride) and looked for the Black Salt (Potassium Chloride).  I knew the gas would smell funny if I consumed Black Salt, but hey, there was something about Potassium Chloride that I liked.  So I went ahead and sprinkled it into the drink.  I thought of adding some Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts – a well-known laxative), but I didn’t want to be so relaxed in the middle of the day, so I kept that in it’s rightful time of day.

So there was my hot drink, and I poured some out into a cup and sipped it slowly.  Oh that was good, and it really hit the spot.  I was really satisfied, but there was still some left.  I sat for a while, trying to make space to drink it down.  But then the doorbell rang, so I left it in the sitting room, for my most favored guest who had once sat there, once upon a time…..

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