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There are now resorts with self-contained apartments.  So a family, instead of booking one room for the parents, and another for the children, which room might be down the corridor, leading them to actually wonder about the children, can now book a resort-apartment.  There are ready-made apartments available. 

They are self-contained, with a proper living and dining area, a kitchen, bed-and-bath rooms, and even a work area for washing clothes etc.

So for a holiday, just book a resort-apartment for a week or two.  Have a home away from home for a while.  Rest, relax, recuperate. 

It will be like a home, since all the rooms are there.  What you do in this home, stays in this home, and when your time is up, then you can pack up and leave and start all over again, with a new, clean slate…..

Well, if you want to stay on, be my guest….

Of course the apartments need not be at "resorts" only.  Any city is a refuge to different people.   Some go to the beach, some to the club, some play tennis, some surf, some swim, some drown, some meet life, some meet death, some have fun, and some are had.....

Okay, I just know that there are all these apartment blocks, freshly built, in Chennai.....  with all the amenities - like sports and shops, restaurants and kitchens (for those who don't want to cook, and for those who want to cook).  Could probably throw in some cleaning services for those who want their apartment cleaned by someone else, and keep that service optional, because some like to pick up after themselves....

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