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. . . . From the desk of Ms. Ann Abraham . .

So there is all this food waiting to be cooked.

And I pile it into my cooker, and I let it cook for a while.

And it uses the LPG or electricity, depending on what I heat the vessel with.

Then I masticate it with my teeth, and pulverize it in my mouth, and then I swallow it down, and it goes inside.

But the red-chilli – well, I’ve not yet learnt to chew on that…  I used dried red-chilli.  Maybe I should just buy the fresh green chillies that are available in the market, and then let them sit till they ripen, and then I’ll have fresh red-chilli, and maybe that will taste better than dried red-chilli. 

Or maybe it is the species of red-chilli that I was using.  I was using Kashmiri red-chilli, because of the red-chilli powders available, that is the mildest.  But as a whole, in the cooker, it leaves me wanting more…

So I’ll try a little hotter variety – maybe that will satisfy me..

There used to be a small round chilli that used to grow abundantly in my garden…. Our neighbours in the next house, upstairs, many years ago, moved to another flat, and my mother and I visited them, and then that mother said, “Well, we have that red chilli growing in our garden”.  Oh damn!  That must have been the price I paid… when I got desperate to play with someone and played with the little boy in the next house – We played badminton on my roof, and the shuttle fell in the space behind, and I tried to get it, and I fell down, and hurt my, um, chest.  That space was a few feet down, and I lost my balance then, and I fell down in that space.  But after that, my father built the roof-space on the other side into a big fish-pond (on the outhouse roof) and then paved that gap to lead to it, so there is no gap anymore there….  No place to fall down!  I always wondered about that pavement, when I walked there… And now I remember that fall…  Oh my!

Now I see that little red-chilli in the shops – I really should try that again… Who knows how it actually tastes …  Might actually be good.

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