Just talking - 2014-01-08-13-11

So there I was, walking on the road, and I went this way and that, along the highway, … Saw the MRTS poles standing on the road, with nothing on …   Just cables reaching out, just waiting for the track to be laid on it…

Apparently the poles were erected a long time ago, and then the work had stopped…. 

Saw the highway start up again, a 2009 project that should have completed in 2013, but they were just digging up the road now…  Encouraging…

And there were lorries, all parked in a row, some with bricks, laid side to side all in an inclined row…

And I walked on, and went this way and that….
And then I doubled back…
And crossed the road,
And then crossed it back…

And finally I was back on track…

And I went on some more, saw some other stuff,
Saw girders on the road, some roped together…
I looked for an opening, to get off the road,
Onto the footpath that girders created,
But there was rope from one to the other
I did not get in

And then there was a gap
(No rope),
So I stepped in, and walked a while
The ropes started again, and then I realized,
Better to be on the road, than on the footpath,
I stepped right out, and crossed the road.

There was an obstruction, but I scrambled over it,
And then I walked some more,
And I walked, and I walked,
Taking the shortest way I knew,
And before I knew it,
It was half-a-day.

So my mother is outside, pouring water,
Or is it the servant…
Just hear the water.

Usually it’s my mother,
But this time, who knows.

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