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. . . . From the desk of Ms. Ann Abraham . .

So once upon a time, there was this country that was freed from bondage, and the refugees slowly came back to their land.

They had to pass through other regions and countries, and some of them let them pass through – God had told them, “I will not give you any of their land.  Pay for the food and water that you eat and drink on that land”.  And so they did.  For whatever they used, they paid the inhabitant – whether in kind or cash, I do not know, probably in kind, since cash might not have been present in those day (about a  few thousand years back)….

But some of the countries were inhospitable, and said, “We will not let you pass through.”  Maybe Israel forgot to tell them that they would pay for the food and water that they consumed.  The price might have been high, but they would have got through…

Okay, that was Israel’s fault….

But maybe Israel did tell them, and still the other countries did not let them pass through.  So they were forced to remove the impediments from the way, and ended up with their land… Is this a true story… Not sure… I might have fudged the facts, not remembering … or maybe the story in the Bible might have not been remembered clearly.

Anyway, the fact is this – God, as the owner of everything, has allocated land to everyone.  And it behoves each of us to live on our own land, walk it up and down, and around and around, and when we are tired, to eat… and then bless the Lord for the good land He has given.

And there is no point in coveting anyone else’s land, because God is not going to give to me anyway.

Oh dear.  Well, nice to know…

So mine is the whole world.  I walk it up and down, and around and around.  Marathons, here I come.

Anyway, everyone has a “frequency”.  Whatever we do, will only be on that.  So no matter where we go, everything we do, will be on that frequency.

We have to maintain everything on our frequency.  So if we are nice to someone, no matter who is physically standing in front of us, we are actually nice on our frequency, and our land is benefitted. 

If we go to some country and we are nice there, then that is the payment that we give to them, for the privilege of being on their land for some time.

If we go to some country and we are not nice there, then that is the best that we could do given the circumstances, and that is our true reaction, so “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.  No point in acting nice, if we don’t think so.  That would be a lie, or a False witness, and “You shall not bear false witness”.  What is “bear”?  You shall not show false witness.

Besides, some people don’t want to be treated “nice” … when they are angry, they want to be treated with anger or something… Depends on each situation…  Some angry people look for kindness… Some angry people look for more anger…  There are as many reactions, as there are people to have them…

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