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Apparently there is a mis-nomenclature going on.  The spiritual part of a person called the “heart” is something.  The organ in the physical body that pumps blood should be called the “blood-pumper” – a “blooper”.

I heard this speech at a Toastmaster’s competition that I had auditioned for.  I spoke on “Time is money”, which was the given topic, and was invited to write for the school newspaper.  But since I didn’t have practice in public speaking at that time, someone who had more practice was chosen to represent the school at the inter-school Toastmasters competition. 

My sister and her friends were going, and they invited me, so I tagged along.

The topic that that boy spoke about was called .. what was that… forgot.. but the speech was about the English language – how there is a mouse, but many mice, and a house, but not many hice (it’s houses).   My, oh my, what a pure language – it’s not in the spelling, it’s in the meaning.

Do I remember more..?  Hmmm…..

After the speech, I clapped and I clapped and I clapped.  And we won the competition.  And it was so good to be in that crowd, and we all stood around, and I happened to turn around and that boy was standing in a circle behind me.  I turned back… and then after some time we all went home….

That boy was only in XI or XII, don’t know which – never seen him before.. but he introduced his girlfriend to his mother or parents, I don’t know which – maybe one, maybe both, and it was the talk of the school.  Oh I remember his name.  It was Atul Tiwari.

They should have let me speak… I had practiced so much…. I taped my speech, and listened to it, over and over, and I learnt it by rote, but when I stood in front of the judge (Mr. Richards) to speak, it was all I could do to stick to the prepared speech.  Ya, it was delivered at considerable speed.

I remember Sunday School.  We had an elocution competition.  I used to attend all the classes, but my sister never did.  She wasn’t even enrolled.  So anyway, the chapter was I Corinthians 13.  The “Love is kind, Love is patient….” Chapter.  So I mugged that up and stood to speak, and again, it was just not sticking to the script, I mean, the chapter, so I ran with it, and somehow managed to get it out, though I might have doubled back, and repeated some of it. 

But apparently the judges liked it, because they nodded their heads, and awarded me first place.  Oooh.

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