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So there are these enzymes that are cultured in animals, and then the animal is killed (hopefully) before the enzyme is extracted.

So if you are doing something like this, please make sure you choose an animal that can be eaten as food.  For example, any animal that has both cloven hoofs and which also chew the cud, are examples of this.

Consider deer.

Grow the deer.  Kill the deer.  Deer meat.  Enzymes from the stomach of the killed deer.  I always wondered what to do with the stomach – especially of fish etc., and now I know. 

Never encountered the stomach of a big animal before – probably because we just buy meat in 1 or 2 kg. (chopped pieces) a day. 

Even the chicken is usually (slit-throat, suspend-the-chicken-upside-down, so that all the blood flows out, maybe from a hook from the ceiling), and then slit the skin, and remove (the feathers are automatically removed, that-a-way, without having to buffet the killed chicken in one of those feather-plucking drums – that way the meat stays clean, not haemorrhaging, without blood clots under the skin).  And who knows what happens to that stomach…

Then the meat is used for um, meat, and the stomach is used to extract those enzymes from it.  And the animal is a food animal, and so everything is alright, once again.!

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And who knows what happens to that stomach…

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